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COVID-19 Message

COVID-19 Message

Your Health and Safety Are Our Top Priorities

Dear Valued Patient,

We hope you and your family have been in good health. As our community changes, one thing remains constant in our practice: our commitment to your safety and oral health. Over the years, our infection control has always been a top priority for our patients and staff. We are at another junction for change, and we will be following the CDC, OSHA and American Dental Association guidelines for continued infection control excellence. Their guidelines are instrumental in keeping you safe as well as preventing the spread of any infection.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with what is changing, and if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call us: 910-984-1556

Here's What You Can Expect

Your appointment:

  • Before your appointment, we ask that you complete some forms on our website. The forms needed are Patient Registration (adult or child) and the COVID Screening. You will be asked the same questions again when you are in the office. If you have a fever or other symptoms of illness, we’ll ask you to delay your appointment.
  • Go to our patient forms page and click "Patient Registration". It will then ask for the patient's name and appointment date. You will then be routed to the list of forms. Please fill out a registration AND the patient screening form. If it does not allow you to submit, you may have missed a required field and you will need to scroll up, make correction and try again. Please contact us if you have any issues.
  • Please don't bring anyone with you to the appointment. Guests will be asked to wait outside the office (exceptions will be made for dependents).
  • When you arrive for your appointment, please wait in your car and call us to check-in. We'll let you know when we're ready for you.
  • Please wear a mask or face covering when you arrive at our office, and don't remove it until you are seated in the dental chair.
  • We have hand sanitizer that we will ask you to use when you enter the office. Hand hygiene is important for all of us. We have made changes around the office and treatment rooms to make sanitizing easier and more effective. The waiting room will no longer have magazines, and children’s toys, as they are harder to disinfect.
  • We'll check your temperature upon arrival with infrared thermometer.


  • We're altering our schedule to reduce the number of patients in the office at once. This will help us social distance and maintain infection control.
  • Please keep this in mind when scheduling or rescheduling.
  • Our hours of operation remain the same.

Our office:

  • All staff will be screened and have their temperature taken daily.
  • Office staff will wear a mask at all times.
  • Clinical staff will wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • The waiting room is temporarily closed.
  • After every patient, we'll thoroughly disinfect the exam room, door handles, surfaces, etc.
  • We're adding more frequent disinfecting cycles.
  • We've upgraded our air filtration systems with Germicidal disinfectant. Please keep this in mind as our office may be cooler than usual.
  • All staff will be trained and continually updated on office protocols.

We're Here for You

We are thrilled to be back in the office! Even though we may look a little different, we are still smiling under our extra layers of PPE.

We are dedicated to keeping our team members and all of our patients safe. We have always prioritized this at our office, so we are in a great position to add the layers of intervention recommended to limit viral spread and also preserve and enhance your oral health.

We missed you all during our extended closure and are happy to see you again! We encourage you to all stay safe, follow local guidelines, and wear a face covering. We want to stay well together and share smiles again soon!

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